Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yes I am alive.

It's been a while!

Who knew that having two kids could leave me so busy?

I am going to try an update this once a week, probably sometime in the weekend. After all how can I get paid millions of dollars for my whitty writing if I don't actually write?

So here is where we are at. L is five months now (getting close to six), time seems to just be flying by. In a month and a few days A will be 3 years old! Since I was sure that we would never actually make it out of the terrible two's this is really quite the milestone. Also I have a birthday coming up, super close, two close. I'm sure you'll do a huge *eye role* when you realize I am turning 24, but I'm pretty sure I never saw myself living past 21, so any time past that is a strange new reality. It's the last year before my mid twentys, to me it's the last year before *real* adulthood (does that even exist?)

Ok enough on the "like omigoshI'msofreakenold."

L is really coming into her own personality, the middle name Joy really seems to fit her. She is easy going, and has a pretty hilarious sense of humor. Finally she discovered the fine art of rolling, she tends to get herself stuck underthings and will yell until we fix her. Daddy always makes her smile, mama does too, but A certainly gets the most smiles and laughs. L loves her sister so much, is amazing to see the bond and attachment forming between them. L's favorite thing right now is her jumperoo, I was pretty nervous when I bout it since A hated anything like that. I guess that is what I get for thinking that they would be anything alike! A few weeks ago L started to shows signs of being ready for solid food, she stopped sleeping through the night, was mesmerized by our food, and would try to bat at our hands and food while we were eating. So we started her on a few simple purees, and to be frank she pretty much hates them. I'm not sure if it is the texture, the different tastes, or just that she is not ready. So for now we are holding off on them. (Oh and she is sttn again so no worries there!) Another thing, she seems to have some sort of food sensitivity, I went on an elimination diet and I am pretty sure she has issues with dairy. Do you know how hard it is for me to not have dairy? From the time I was little I remember my grandmother calling me the cheese queen. *sigh* the sacrifices we make for our kids!

I am convinced that A is absolutely brilliant. I know that all moms think that they have the next Einstein, but A is really smart. Her vocabulary astounds me, and he imagination is just amazing. I really believe God has big plans for this kid. Anyway, she is potty trained (yay), and is pretty excited for Christmas. We really want to instill giving and humility in her, so we are trying to think of some ways to have her give back. She currently loves her baby dolls, play dough, and of course her best friend Max (our dog). She'll take his toy and make him chase her around the house. Most days she shuts him in her room, I'm not sure what goes on in there, I hear tons of giggles and him running around like a loon. As much as we complain about him, I am pretty thankful he is hear to give her a moment of entertainment. Did I mention that A loves to do yoga with me? It's pretty cute to see him in downward facing dog and cobra, maybe it will help her calm down a bit.

I can't forget about J! His job has slowed down a town, it's been nice to have him home earlier. Recently under the direction of the youth pastor he is preaching for the Sunday morning teen service (and doing worship too!) We are pretty excited to see where God is bringing us. He is also taking another class this semester, its nice to seem him excited and learning about things that he loves.

I am really truly blessed by this family. How wonderful it is to be the mama of this group!

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