Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cloth Diaper rant Part 4: Washing and Caring for...

Many people care for cloth diapers in different ways. I am trying to cover most of those ways and then add in what I do.

Washing and Caring for
This is probably the part you worry about the most, washing! Have no fear, if you have ever washed clothes before, you can wash diapers! Some people wash every day (I think they are crazy and wasting water...) Some ever other day, and others on the third day. I would not wait until after the third day because you may be dealing with some stank issues after that!
If baby is being breastfed or bottle fed with out solids then you just put your diaper in the wet bag (or pail) with out rinsing. The waste disolves in the washer. Once baby is on solids you can either hook a spray up to the toilet and spray the waste off, or you can "plop" it in (depending on the waste of course), or some people scrap it in (which icks me out.) After scraping or plopping the diaper should be swished in the toilet. I should note that some people soak the diapers in the toilet, this seems REALLY yucky to me but I guess it is personal preference.
When you are ready to wash simply take the bag or liner to your washing machine and start a pre wash in cold. Prewashing gets all the waste and wet out so your diapers are not actually washing in it. When the prewash is done wash the diapers on HOT (this disinfects) at the highest water lever. You want the highest water level so you can get the most soap at as possible. Add detergent (make sure the detergent is CD safe, that post is coming soon), and let the diapers complete the cycle. Many people do one to two extra spins and rinses to get all of the soap out.
Drying- When I say line dry it can be indoor or out.
 Some people strictly line dry, others only dry in the dryer. I recommend reading the caring instruction's that come with your diapers.
Prefolds, fitteds, inserts- All can be dried in the dryer, but beware of shrinking! (they will shrink its a fact of life.) They can also be hung on a rack or on a line to dry, once dry you can fluff them in the dryer to make them nice and soft for baby!
AIO- I find most people who use AIO's line dry for most of the time then finish drying in the dryer.
Some who just use the dryer for them find that they need to go in for a second cycle.
Covers, Pocket Shells- Most line dry these, as they dry very quickly and last a lot longer if they don't see the dryer often. How ever, they do need to be put in the dryer every so often to reseal the lining. This helps keep them water proof.
Wet bags- They can be either line dried or be put in the dryer.

 Sometimes because of weather or time the dryer is just the best choice.

 Poop=stains need I say more? The best way to get stains out is to hang or lay in direct sun light. 98% of the time the stains come out. (If you live in a snowy area like NH a window works fine.)

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