Thursday, July 21, 2011

"I have to pee"

Potty training is really touch and go with Addy. Some days she does amazing and I think "yes she finally has it", while others make me want to throw her stupid Dora potty ring at the golfers who think it's ok to walk in my yard just because they have bad aim. (I'm thinking of spraying the next one I see with the hose.)
Yesterday we went up to West Lebanon, I had two destinations in mind TJmaxx and JoAnn
Fabrics. Traffic was horrible when I got into leb, they seriously need to hurry up on the new roads its like trying to navigate through a high school hallway in the middle of the day. Ridiculous. I did however score a good parking spot. In my head I thought it would be a great idea to bring up my new Phil and Teds stroller, however our trunk has decided it no longer needs to open so I have to lift it up over the seats. Seriously that stroller much weight 95lbs. I got the girls all settled in and went into TJ's it went pretty well. At one point of course we had to make a potty trip, A did her thing and we were on our way. Shortly after we had to go to the dressing room since L decided she needed to eat and it was the only place with seating.
At TJs I ended up grabbing a Petunia Pickle Bottom sling, it was really cute and since L likes to be worn so much I figure one can never have to many carriers. I also bought A this little pink Tangled box with four tangled chapsticks. Things went really smoothly at TJ's aside from the woman who cut me off as I was going to pay, this happens regularly. It's like they see you with two antsy kids and decide they would like to hear more screaming by making you stand in line longer.
Anyway I then made my way to JoAnns, about two minutes into the store L started getting a little wiggly signaling that she would like to eat (again). Then I heard those words, the words that made our smooth flowing day turn into a hurricane "I have to pee."
Having been in that bathroom before when I was pregnant with Lilah I knew that at this store you have to ask for a key. I pretty much had to comb the entire store to find someone. The bathroom is in the far corner of the store a HUGE bolt of some kind of foam was strategically placed in front of that door. Let me tell you getting that stroller in that room would make even a rock sweat. By the time I was able to actually get us into the bathroom A was whining (over and over) "I have to peeeee" and Lilah was starting to fuss. I get A on the toilet and then start feeding L, standing up since apparently JoAnns Fabric doesn't believe in cleaning the bathroom. (Not that I would sit on a public bathroom floor, I just needed a clever way to slip in that the bathroom was NASTY). A pees I grab clean her up and put her back in the stroller (one handed mind you) and starts freaking out because she wants to wash her hands. Since she is such a peanut I have to lift her to reach the water, so I told her that she was going to have to wait until I was done feeding L.
This is where I lost control
A started freaking out, I mean that total throw your body on the floor screaming and kicking type thing (except she was buckled in the stroller). At this point I get the bright idea to put L in the new PPB and try to nurse her in that thinking it would leave my hands free (even though I had my trusty Moby with me) As I am trying the sling A is still freaking out, I took away her chapstick and she began to scream like I was trying to drown her. Meanwhile I am trying to fit L into the sling and she is screaming since I am pretty sure I could have suffocated her. I look closely at the box (screaming by both is still going on)
 And that is when I realize that the sling is a size SMALL. If you have ever met me you will know why nursing my baby in a size small sling is next to impossible. I am a freaking genius.
A calmed down as we left the herpes coated bathroom, and L is still screaming (not wanted to eat at this point.) I try to carry her throughout the store and finally do the most looked down upon thing a mother can do, I placed her on her Belly (gasp!). She INSTANTLY fell asleep, finally things were under control.
A few blissful moments later I am almost done picking out my fabric when I hear those words again... "I have to peeee" followed immediately by "I peed in my big girl underwear." Yup she peed in the stroller, which instantly sets her off.
I may have done the wrong thing here but I made her wait to change it. I was so close to being done and just needed to get the fabric cut and check out. A of course whined the whole time (which I understand really I do).
We finally get to the car I throw my diaper bag in the front seat and again I hear "I have to peeee". Instantly I grab her potty seat from the trunk and put her on it in the middle of the TJ max parking lot. I kid you not the kid almost fills it. Then I wiped her, she stood up and peed some more. I am pretty sure my petite little two year old has the bladdar of a grown man. Seriously that is FIVE times in about an
 hour and a half. She ended up sitting in her car seat naked as we drove home. (I know I so win the mother of the year award for that one.)
Aren't kids fantastic?
All this happened while I was wearing heels of course,

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

That awkward opening post...

It's the first post for this blog, you know kind of like the first time you meet some. You sit there thinking of all the things you could say (or maybe you are drawing a blank) and really you just want to get to know them (or get out as fast as you can!)
I don't want this to be the kind of blog that you really don't want to read, I want it to be interesting, informative and humorous. So bear with me as I work the kinks out, I promise it will get better!

 So here's some facts about me, ok I am having a hard time here and automatically want to talk about my husband and kids.. Anyway, I am 23 years old and yes I do realize I was a "child" bride by getting hitched at 20. I probably also just missed the cut off for being on 16 and pregnant since I was 21 when A was born (I'll get to her in a minute).
I spent my childhood in New London, CT where I attended quite a few schools (just couldn't find the right fit), and was lovingly harassed by my older brother for years. My father was the pastor of a small church plant until I was 10, while my mom after staying home with me until I went to school worked her way up in the banking industry. I guess I should probably note that my sister was born also when I was 10. At 12ish my father became the pastor of another church on the CT/RI boarder, we moved to RI when I was 14 I spent the rest of my teenage years there. After graduating high school I took a year off then attended Zion Bible college.
In comes Prince Charming
Jason came into my life like a tsunami, I literally did not know what hit me when we first started dating. He was so unlike any frog that I had ever dated before, he even now makes me feel that "princess feeling." We dated for a little over a year when he proposed to me, it was in a beautiful spot that overlooks the city of Johnstown, PA (where my parents now live), two months later we were married in a beautiful January wedding.
"Oh Baby"
After our blissful wedding reality took over and we moved up to Claremont, NH where Jason is from. On April 20,2008 I peed on a stick, I sat and stared at it and thought I was going crazy when two pink lines came up. I'm pretty sure my first thought was "oh if this is a girl I am in huge trouble." Addalyn Grace graced us with her presence (almost TWO weeks late) on January 5,2009.
Making a home
Fast forward and we have moved three times within the city of Claremont, and are now settled into a quaint yellow cape with a beautiful yard (minus of course the golf balls flying in from the country club in the back of our yard). June 16 of this year Lilah Joy couldn't wait to meet us and came two weeks early. We are just getting to know each other, and with every day I fall more in love.

Of course a lot of other things have happened in my life, but this is already getting long, so here are some other facts about me- I love shoes. Any kind of shoe really, but heels have a special place in my heart. I love cheese and like to add it to anything I can. My favorite color is pink. I try to eat and feed my family as clean and organic as my budget will allow. I love this amazing guy named Jesus you should meet him. All I have ever wanted to do is be a wife and mom, and it is so much more than I could ever imagine. I was raised in a home passionate about music, my husband and I are now raising our daughters the same. Also I love to sew and hope to open an etsy store VERY soon.

So here are some subjects I will be talking about in this blog-
-Being a stay at home mom
-Cloth diapers (I am obsessed)
-Clean eating/cooking
-Becoming a healthier person all around, which includes getting back to my pre Addalyn weight
-Marriage and my hott husband
-A love that captured my heart and made me whole
-Attachment parenting (something I am exploring)
-Parenting in general
-My kids because I am obsessed with them
-Sewing/my etsy store
-Local restaurants/places
-Shopping/money/coupons/saving money (Dave Ramsey style)

Well at this point I am pretty sure you are drowning in boredom. Let's hope I'll improve in time.
Don't forget to wear your heels,