Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cloth diaper rant part 5: Where to buy?

So sorry it has taken so long to finish all these CD posts!

So I want to finish my cloth diaper rants with where to buy (that is until next year :)  First CD stores are popping up all over the country (I would really LOVE to open one up myself... ahh dreams.) So be sure to google ones in your area.

Websites NEW
Cottonbabies- My favorite website to order from, this is a christian company, they even have grants for overseas missionaries! Cotton babies are the makers of Bum Genius (by far the most popular CD), Flips (What I mostly use), and Econobums.

Jillians Drawers- They are out of New York, and if you are local you can stop buy and visit them.
Nickis Dipers- Also the maker of Best bottoms.
Green mountain Dipers- This is a great place to buy prefolds! (also another Christian company)
Kellys Closet- Here you can earn reward points for your orders and receive free diapers!
Diperjunction- They have pretty good deals, especially around black Friday!
sunbaby diapers- These diapers have a pretty good review at a great price, they are however from China and do take a while to ship.
hyena cart- This site provides lots of WAHM diapers (work at home mom's), always check the reviews of the seller!
Swaddlebees- Where you can buy swaddlebee/blueberry diaper products.
etsy- Etsy also has lots of WAHM diapers.
sloomb- Popular place to buy fitteds.
fluffenvy- Rewards program!
happybabycompany- Free shipping in orders over $35.
diaperpin- Check here for weekly deals.

Another great way to save money when you CD is buying used. In fact, I got a great deal when I was building my stash for L.
ebay- I have bought most of my used CD's from ebay. I really enjoy getting the best deal possible and have done pretty well. For me I only buy from America, from what I have heard the one's from China are quite cheap and well, you get what you pay for. Always look up the going rate for the diaper, and always count in shipping. Don't forget to check the sellers reviews!
diaperswappers- This site has a great forum!
craigslist- Just don't buy from the craigslist killer ;)

Places like Cottonbabies and Swaddlebees will also post up diapers that are seconds. Meaning they might have been apart of a diaper program and were returned, or they are slightly defected.

The bump Cloth Diaper Board- Is a great place to ask questions, just make sure to read the Faqs at the top before you ask one.

As always you can email me here if you have any questions, or find me on facebook! Comments are WONDERFUL.

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