Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It never fails... nap time woes

Today while getting the girls to nap I had an idea about a weekly post called "It never fails." Basically, they will be about the things that drive me crazy with parenting/homemaking/being a wife. I need something creative to call it so we'll see about that. Anywho, here is this weeks "It never fails..."

The only way to have a successful nap through out the day is if I lay down with BOTH the girls at the same time. Usually L is to my right at the "buffet," while A is on my right side literally almost on top of me. Its normally quite the ordeal to get them to sleep, I mean most of the time I even wonder why I even do nap time at all. L is pretty easy, as long as I let her hold my hand and rub her face a litter, she is normally asleep with in ten minutes. Some times if she is not ready she will talk a little, if she does that I let her be and wait for the "rubbing eyes out" cue.

A however like always is quite the project. The talking, oh the talking, the kid talks herself to sleep. She wiggles incesivly and does not stop making noises. It use to stress me out some because the noises and the moving makes my eyes start to twitch... Somedays it takes me an hour to get her to sleep (indcluding 7 rounds of the "Go to sleep" song, then somedays she doesn't go to sleep at all. Those are the days when I go for a second cup of coffee. (It makes me a better mom, more on that another day.)

So today it only took Addy about a half hour to fall asleep. I was nestled between two sleeping beauties, laying between them is the most peaceful environment ever. It makes the work of nap time so worth it. There I was thinking about what I was going to make for dinner when I heard it. The low throat growl of our ferocious pekapom Max.  I lay there frozen for a moment thinking, if I don't breath maybe he'll stop. Nope. Of course not, he gets a little louder, I try a quiet whisper "max," unfortunately he has learned the art of selective hearing (I blame Mr.). His growls turn into a full blown bark, I try again to quietly get him to stop he or course keeps ignoring me. I succumb to having to raise my voice just above speaking voice "Ma please." Nope. My pleading does nothing. "MAX SHUT IT." Success, he stops. Failure, both girls wake up and it takes me another ten minutes to get them to sleep.

It never fails that as soon as the kids fall asleep the dog starts barking at a piece or dust flying through the air.

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